Profile Pic Bahana
Biographical Information
Name Bahana
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color White
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Fonclanc
Artist Type Artless
Occupation Huntress
Affiliation Rufk Village
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Bahana is a caring woman and is almost always quite a joyful and upbeat.

Bahana is a beautiful young woman.

She was Sun's neighbor when she lived with her father.

Bahana lost her husband. While officially it was said to be an accident during the hunt, she knew that he was actually killed by divine artist for entertainment.

She is as strong even though her build looks to be slender. She can also be quite vigilant.


Ring of Strength: It is a transparent, slightly whitish ring that Yusuke created by customizing a shouka. The ring dramatically increases its wearer’s strength.

  • Sun: She knew Sun since she was a child and often worried about her future. Bahama treats Sun as her own daughter.