Blue Garden was originally a small kingdom formed by the followers of the Shalnar temple in the mountains. The first metropolis is the city at the summit, Cofta. It is ruled by the Queen, who commands great support from the people and the temple located there. Currently Supreme Commander Izappnar controls nearly the entire government from the second metropolis Paula. But the water priestess Queen still possess great influence and popularity among the populace.

Blue Garden’s social system is based on the principle that divine arts of the Four do not grant superiority. It is an emerging nation that opposes the social norms of the world. In a country with a caste system, the artless were treated as people that have not been blessed by either of the gods. However in Blue Garden, a country that boasted of equality between the divine arts users, those that could not use any divine arts were treated as they were not even human.

The problematic upper echelons of Blue Garden are the few water arts users residing in the fortress city, Paula. With their ability to heal people and purify the water, they are highly regarded in the social structure of the city. The symbolic head of the Blue Garden is also a water arts user. All of this provided water arts users with a lot of influence in this country.

History Edit

When the country was established, the believers of the water god Shalnar flocked around the temple and eventually settled down. Afterwards they created a small kingdom.

Paula was built at the foot of Bouzas mountain range that occupied more than half of Blue Garden’s territory.