The capital of Blue Garden. The powerless people in Cofta are protected by the queen. Unlike in Paula, they aren't treated as slaves here.

The city of Cofta spread around the Shalnar’s temple . The only open space is near the entrance to the summit, thus countless living quarters and facilities are situated in the tunnels, dug within the mountain. This city was the capital which was built at the highest altitude on the mountains in Kaltcio.

Unlike the Artless in Paula, Cofta’s wear neat clothings and shoes. They walk along the streets without their owners, attached to them are the bracelet of slaves, they are all bright and healthy. They are the slaves the temple owned, the ownership of the temple belong to the queen, thus they are under the patronage as the queen’s slaves, thus they live peacefully within the city. Originally the bracelet that they adorn on their bodies meant the shackles of slaves, but here it became a shield to protect them.