The majority of people have received divine protection from the Four Great Gods, who have created the world. These people called themselves divine arts users and could use abilities, called divine arts. Those with power ruled over this land, and that rule extended to every corner of the world.

People of the four major god called these special abilities Divine Arts. The residents of this world have established the four gods religion, as they believed that this world had been created by the four gods who governs the fire, water, earth, and wind.

  • The God of Fire, Volnar. Gives divine protection to Fire Artists.
  • The God of Water, Shalnar. Gives divine protection to Water Artists.
  • The God of Earth, Zalnar. Gives divine protection to Earth Artists.
  • The God of Wind, Fyolnar. Gives divine protection to Wind Artists.

The majority of the people entrusted with the "God Skills" are proofed of god's divine protection and blessing. Basically, each person can only have one type of "God skills" that dwells within them, those who are entrusted with "God Skills" will be influenced by the god in the form of their hair and eyes colors.

Most of the divine art users can only use a single divine art. In the very rare cases a divine art user, capable of using two types of divine arts, could be born.

Divine arts users, are able to feel the power of another user.

With enough practice, most divine arts can be activated purely by concentrating.