Esvobus Volace
World Customize Creator Esvobus
Biographical Information
Name Esvobus Volace
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Title(s) King of Fonclanc
Relatives Violet Volace (Daughter)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Fonclanc
Artist Type Fire Artist
Occupation King
Rank Ruler
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 3 (Mentioned)
Chapter 9 (Appearance)

Being a good ruler aside, what this man lacks is ambition.

He is a tall middle aged man with red hair and eyes.

Esvobus, who was to become the ruler of the nation, made his country flourish in all aspects but military prowess. He used to travel around the world to deepen his knowledge in order to be able to become a respectable king.

Being at the top of the fire arts users, renowned for their military prowess, he preferred a peaceful resolution of all things. As he was a good ruler, the masses also supported him. Thus he had a good reputation but was criticized for the military skirmishes by the armed forces and political pressure from the other countries.

Several years before the start of the story, during the [festival of creation], which was celebrated on the New Year, king Esvobus has issued an imperial edict to the soldiers of all god corps, saying “Zeshald is not to be concerned with”. The nuance of “Don’t touch him” was also included in that edict.

There hasn't been a occasion where he used his divine arts but it is assumed his is very powerfull being the king of fonclanc.