Biographical Information
Name Hivodir
Aliases Red Boy
Age 18
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Title(s) Fiancé Candidate
Relatives Duke of Volce
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Fonclanc
Artist Type Fire Artist
Rank Vice Captain
Affiliation Fire God Corps
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 9

Hivodir is prideful of being one of princess's fiance candidates.

Hivodir is a secretly prideful person, but in time of need he is one who would do what needed to be done.

He had always had a complex about his divine arts abilities being weak, as he was from the prestigious house of Volce. Hivodir had always been thinking about how to rise to power in this world, but since his first battle he had began to change and realize the value of possible comrades and friends.

Although his skill is considered mediocre within the Flame God Corps, in terms of firepower Hivodir is more than strong enough. Not only were his arts at an elite level, moreover, he is also equipped with a ring of flame arts which he got from Yusuke, which boosted the power of the flame bullets that he uses as his attack of choice.


Ring of Fire Arts: Based on the name it's assumed that the ring improves the wearer's fire divine arts abilities.
Mantle: Yusuke decided to customize the mantle that Hivodir uses as his casual clothing. Although it was a common uniform of the palace corps, it wasn’t able to provide special effects to the wearer. Yusuke endowed it with the healing effect.

As a special case, Hivodir was given the position of a squad commander. Commanding a group, comprised of thirty members.

After taking part in the Blue Garden Civil War, Hivodir was credited with driving an enemy group 3 times as large as his team towards the trap that Yusuke had laid.

During the Gazzetta incident, he was ordered to go and inspect the villages that were owned by the Volce family.

After finishing his usual routine of calculating the daily crops yield, an armed group suddenly started to invade the village with a night attack on the dormitories of the private mercenaries. Because they had blocked the entrance of the dormitories during the attack, Hivodir and several other staff were attacked in a situation where they were defenceless. The private mercenaries were patrolling the area in the vicinity, but their wind arts users, who were able to search for enemies, were brought down without anyone noticing, thus the first surprise attack was very effective. His servants were in the middle of evacuating him when a man suddenly came to block them, greatly injuring Hivodir.