The Kaltcio calendar divides 1 year into 5 calendars with 17 months. The calendar of fire, the calendar of water, the calendar of earth, the calendar of wind, and lastly the calendar of darkness, from the calendar of fire to the calendar of wind, each of those calendars is composed of 4 months, 1 month is 20 days.

For example, calendar of fire for the first day, 1st day of the fire month of Volnar. And for the last day, 20th day of the wind month of Volnar.

The Calendar of Darkness is the only special month without the 1 month counter, and it is known as the festival of freedom, which starts from the honor feast until the birth of the new year, when the financial statement of that year completes that type of calendar.

Trivia Edit

  • in some translations it is Caltsio.