Biographical Information
Name Plausha
Aliases Plau (Nickname)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Relatives Unnamed Sister
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Blue Garden
Artist Type Water Artist
Rank Provisional Member
Affiliation Water Troupe
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 13

Her friend Neri was crushed during the construction of the great wall. Plausha wanted to call a doctor, but her parents told her to call a doctor for an Artless pet, was something which was against the rules.

Plausha is a strengthening type water artist.

She was recruited into Water Mirror during the restructuring of the forces whereby talented personnel were being secured from the god militias. Originally, she was Zeshald's disciple and wanted to join the water troupe. As she was once a provisional member of the elite team, her being around Zeshald didn't seem to be unnatural or uncomfortable in anyway, thus there wasn't any suspicion of her being a spy from Izapnar's camp. However, Zeshald on the other hand was informed by Reifold who had informed him that Plausha was a spy planted by Izapnar to extract information from him.