Biographical Information
Name Reifold
Gender Male
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Blue Garden
Artist Type Wind Artist
Occupation Spy
Double Agent
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 4

He is a spy sent by Blue Garden to Fonclanc, and also by Fonclanc to Blue Garden.

Reifold is a green haired, green eyed man.

He specializes in relaying information. While he said unrefined jobs like assassination are outside his field of expertise, he clearly used a wind slash to cut of the foot of a Wind Troupe elite; so he wouldn't escape from the falling bricks.

Reifold can also manipulate wind to create a golem by collecting nearby leafs and fallen branches. Through the use of wind pressure, the golem is made to look humanoid.


Ring of Wind Arts: Given to Reifold as a reward by Yusuke for delivering a letter and a bag of rara fruits to Rufk Village. Reifold, who was extremely blessed by the gifts of wind arts, could run at a rate in parallel with a normal horse drawn soldier carriage, but with the increased effect of the ring, his speed exceeded his expectations and this was his first time having a sense of fear from running too fast.