Rishause Toulle
Profile Pic Rishause
Biographical Information
Name Rishause Toulle
Aliases Rishaleus Toulle
Age 30
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Blue
Title(s) Queen of Blue Garden
Priestess of Shalnar
Relatives Previous King (Father)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Blue Garden
Artist Type Water Artist
Occupation Queen
Rank Ruler
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 13 (Mentioned)
Chapter 15 (Appearance)

Queen Rishause, of Blue Garden also known as the Priestess of Shalnar.

Rishause is a beautiful woman and her long light blue hair only enhanced the tidy atmosphere around her. Her long water colored hair reaches all the way till her knees.

Fourteen years ago when her father, the founder of the nation, died Izapnar, the devoted close aide of the father, was appointed an official guardian of the then sixteen year old queen until her official enthronement. Izapnar worked diligently, and through his devotion, the emerging country became a major power on par with powerful nations like Fonclanc. For his deeds, people started to worship him as a symbol of Blue Garden. Thus the support he received from the masses was enormous. Around the time of the queen’s enthronement, it came to light that Izapnar’s loyalty lied with the late king and not with the princess. A vague shade of ambition could also be felt from his actions. However, as she had no one to rely on, Rishause could only treat him as former king’s loyal retainer. As a result, everything from daily tasks to the construction orders, Rishause was informed long after these events happened.

  • Shinha Truiyard: Shinha and Rishause are childhood friends. She also revealed to have feeling for him.