Rufk Village
The village of the powerless, Rufk Village. In Rufk Village there is no divine artist controlling the area as Zeshald who was originally a Divine artist, had lived together alongside with the villagers. Thus, there isn’t any tax collection, and there was Yuusuke, who became an officer under the conditions of favorable treatment which had improved the overall environment. Thus, there is almost no discontent from the villagers.

Wooden shacks are lined up in a chaotic way. It is a reasonably sized village that had around 240 villagers living in 60 houses. On the other side of the village huge plains stretched to the horizon.

The village is surrounded by a trench that seemed to be about 1 meter wide and 1 meter deep which was dug up to protect the grain warehouse from the wild animals. At the entrance to the village a log bridge was built over the trench.

Because there are no dangerous animals or evil beast species in this region, villages tend to surround themselves with moats instead of building a wall. Moreover branches from a special kind of tree, containing flammable resins, are laid on the bottom of the trench. In time of need it can be ignited to create a wall of fire. And the older men are put on guard duties.

Rufk villagers live by hunting, fishing in the nearby river, and gathering fruits from the trees in the forest. Sometimes they trade their crop with the neighboring village and sell the fur and wool, gathered from the livestock, in the big city which was the capital of this region.

As a complementary for Yuusuke’s service at the palace, Rufk village’s treatment improved as well. Villagers received cattle as well as seeds and fertilizers so the fields around of village visibly increased.


Customs Edit

Harvest FestivalEdit

The harvest festival is an event where everyone in the village prepares food, gathers together outside of their houses, and eats it. They create the festival grounds in the central plaza of the village by building a bonfire from the oilwood, putting the highly flammable wood in a structure that resembled a well. Afterwards they proceed to line up the tables to create a single long table for the food.

As searching for a lover is a side event of the harvest festival, every youth in the village is exhilarated with the prospects of finding his or her pair. Taking advantage of the mood of the festival, even the pushy methods can be used to procure a pair.