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The Sacred Treasure of Shalnar. It is a silver circlet adorned with a lace-like ornament. The item bestows enchantments befitting its name.

Effects Edit

  • Water arts amplification effect (buff)
  • Physical strength amplification effect (buff)
  • Stamina recovery amplification effect (buff)
  • Healing effect (buff)
  • Poison resistance effect (buff)
  • Tranquility effect (buff)
  • Divine arts resistance amplification effect (buff)
  • Physical resistance amplification effect (buff)
  • Movement speed amplification effect (buff)

This item allowed it’s wearer to be able to fight for nearly twenty four hours per day with the exception of eating and excretion. Although Zeshald had stamina of an old person, with this tiara a few hours nap would be sufficient for him to regain his strength. As for the physical strength, with the enchantments one would be fine with using weapons to their utmost abilities.