The sacrificial ring, a silver ring given to Zeshald by Yuusuke.

This ring had the effect of taking on a fatal blow for his wearer. It was truly a mysterious item since it would only protect its wearer from any fatal damage once, after which its effect would end immediately.

If the wearer was poisoned, the ring would not react to the poison until the moment when death approached the wearer. It would then activate, taking the deadly damage for its user only to have the user die from the same poison immediately after the ring has ceased functioning. It would be the same for deaths by drowning or burning. If one was to be squished by a heavy object, the outcome would also be the same. If the wearer was stabbed with a sword or spear, the ring would take the fatal damage from the blow, but the user was still very likely to die from the after effects of the wound or the weapon still protruding from his body.

If one had to compare the ring to its counterpart, the Sacred Treasure, the usability of the ring was, at the very best, questionable, since the appropriate time to use the ring could not be controlled and the usage itself was difficult.