Shinha Truiyard
Shinha Truiyard 2
Biographical Information
Name Shinha Truiyard
Age Around 30
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color White
Title(s) King of Gazzetta
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Gazzetta
Artist Type Artless
Occupation King
Rank Ruler
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 13

Shinha has a shameless and carefree attitude, which he had displays quite carelessly.

He does not consider diplomatic relations between nations, and removes any obstacles that seemed to block his way like an overlord.

He is a largely built white haired young man.

Shinha had been trained to know the different types of divine arts, thus he is accustomed to fighting divine arts users. He also had experienced the power of the elite team from Blue Garden when he was on the journey to find the evil god.


He wields a two meter length, silver great sword. The materials it was made of were of an even higher class than the ones used in shouka minting.

Yusuke repaired and added a healing effect to the sword. The healing effect is comparable to a considerably skilled healing type water artist. He left the attack power unchanged, he also modified the attack speed and stamina. The blade did not become lighter yet he was able to swing it much faster.

He traveled through Blue Garden, mostly through forests, trying to avoid the main roads as much as he possibly could. While traveling along the country border, he encountered spies and battled them, and his sword was damaged in the process.

He got injured when he was trying to protect Ifoca’s parent’s morph farm from the demon beast attack.

For saving Ifoca’s parents from Demonic Beast, Yusuke repaired his sword. Even enhancing its abilities.

Due to the attacks on the artless villages which had happened in Fonclanc, Shinha came to do an investigation, thus believing him, Ifoca promise to harbor him.