Shouka (sparkling crystal) the currency of this world. Shouka is used throughout Kaltcio and is created by the combined efforts of fire and earth divine arts users. It is said to be produced by condensing light, though the exact manufacturing process is kept secret.

It is a crystal-like transparent object. The crystal’s length is about the same size as an index finger and its thickness was around 3mm. It looked similar to a hexagon pencil that is flat at the both ends.

The minting of shouka there is overseen by the nobility of Sanc Adiet.

There were four kinds of shouka, named after the Four Great Gods, which value is determined by the color of the crystal.

One red Volnar shouka was worth 5 blue Shalnar shoukas, 10 yellow Zalnar shoukas, or 30 green Fyolnar shoukas.