Profile Pic Sorzak
Biographical Information
Name Solzack
Aliases Sorzak (Other Translation)
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Yellow
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Fonclanc
Artist Type Earth Artist
Occupation Engineer(Formerly)
Accessory Manufacture(Formerly)
Affiliation Darkness God Corps
Character Information
Novel Debut Chapter 32
Manga Debut Chapter 27

Solzack, an Earth Artist and a part of the Darkness God Corps. He was a self-proclaimed researcher that they met during the ghost incident.

He is a middle-age yellow hair man. He wears an old design of clothes that had been sold a few decades ago.

He is from the middle class district, he worked at an accessories shop manufacturing for them. He has a hobby of examining the history of the Sanc Adiet.

He is an exceptional earth arts user capable of purifying iron ore, producing high quality iron. Although there are probably better craftsmen than him, he will not lose to anyone in Sanc Adiet when it comes to spirit.

As he went to research the history of the city, he surfaced to shop for food, only to dive back underground to continue his daily research. Thus he became the rumored, ghost of the middle-class district.

The funds for his research were acquired when Yusuke created the observation tower, and many merchants were recruiting manufacturers of earth arts to make souvenirs of the tower. It was there where he obtained his funds through participating in it. Thus he struck it rich.

The reason he felt uncomfortable with the darkness god corp was a strange feeling that didn’t exist with the other soldier corps, an intimate communication which ignores the differences in the hierarchy of the gods.

Since the underground passage was closed, Solzack gradually lost his spirit and returned to his original occupation of being a shopkeeper. He used his remaining funds to buy iron ore, purified it, and started selling it, focusing his business towards blacksmiths.

He started crafting accessories when the tower craze had started. However, the amount of craftsmen increased even more and as it was not as profitable as it was before, he have returned to purifying iron which yields a more stable profit.

He was asked by Yusuke to join the Darkness God Corps. Solzack, who was a simple divine artist, upon joining the evil god corps, was promoted from a simple engineer to an elite soldier and would have to participate in military operations. Beaming with joy, Solzack agreed. With this, Yusuke secured a person that would add a lot of utility to his corps.