The ancient Temple of Shalnar located in Bouzas Mountain. The temple on the summit acts as a royal castle.

Entering through the first floor entrance, one is greeted by a wide and spacious interior hallway, the temple guard's room and guest rooms, in the inner sanctum are the dormitories of the believers. After passing the guest rooms, there is the kitchen and dining hall, followed by a washing area, well and a long mid hallway where the quarters for the servants and temple soldiers are located. That hallway is lined up with a room on either sides. It was built in such a way so that the temple soldiers could lineup within the hallway.

At the deepest part of the temple is the office and private room of the consul, and a stairs leading up to the 2nd floor, and right before the stairs is another temple soldier's guard room. The second floor is where the bedroom, archives, dining room, and audience room of the water priestess queen is located. Incidentally, on the other side of the wall of the deepest part of the first floor is a cleansing bath for the queen to use and it is directly connected to the second floor.