Biographical Information
Name Thalys
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color White
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Gazetta

Fonclanc (Formerly)

Artist Type Artless
Affiliation Gazetta Army

Rufk Village (Formerly)

Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 13

Thalys is a douche. He’s the most wayward amongst his friends.

He has rather short hair and his height is similar to Yuusuke’s.

Thalys was Sun’s childhood friend, he barely ever paid her any attention. After Zeshald left and Yuusuke got called into governmental service, Sun practically started living by herself. This was the opportunity that he was waiting for. He wanted to seduce her to be able to brag about the number of girls he had taken.

He had also attempted to seduce Bahana. At first, it seemed to be a mischievous and childish prank, but as he saw that seducing her was impossible, he surprisingly attempted to use force. However, Bahana had also responded with force in turn.

After the incident during the Harvest festival, he became docile around the village and had wanted a change in environment. Thalys joined the Gazzetta army, as terms for joining the Gazzetta army he had to become the subordinates of the divine artists.