On the summit of the highborn district stands the Volace Palace. The palace was rebuilt along with the city each time becoming higher and higher. The current palace retained no architecture of the old times, which is now buried underneath the stone pavement and looks like some sort of underground labyrinth. The wall and roofs, neighboring the top floor of the palace, are adorned with the same light absorbing material that is used in the production of shouka, enveloping the palace in radiance.

There are four main entrances to the palace, which is located at the lowest floor used mainly by the god corps.

Currently, three parts of the first floor of the inner palace is occupied by the kitchen, the servants' quarters is located in the basement, and the general guards' dormitory covers the rest of the first floor. The commanding officer and vice commanding officer of the guard corps uses the 2nd floor entrance, the living quarters for the officers is also located at the 2nd floor. The overall atmosphere god corp resting room is said to be like a tavern, since Yuusuke transformed it into a furnished room not inferior to the resting rooms of the royal knights. Although there isn't any wasteful luxurious decorations, there were special sofa and tables that could not be found in the upper floors.

The 3rd floor entrance is being used by the bureaucrats, where their private lodging rooms are located on the same floor. The highest entrance floor, which was the fourth floor entrance is prepared for royalties and dignitaries.

Located on the 5th floor is a huge terrace with a large hall used to hold parties. The 6th floor is an atrium. Leading up to the 7th floor from the 4th floor, is a long staircase where the Fire God Corps the elites of the palace guards are stationed. Also the maids who specifically served the royalty use these stairs.

The 8th floor is the audience hall, and a place to enjoy the sideshows. The throne sits atop a raised podium in the inner part of the hall, with huge, heavy stone pillars lined up across the enormous hall. The lights illuminate the entire hall through the tall windows, which are positioned along the wall.

The 9th floor is the royal residence. It is lined up with various rooms and facilities such as bedrooms and educational rooms. And on the peak which is the 10th floor is the private quarters of the King. There is also a location for the concubines and singing princesses, but currently it is not being used much.

Yuusuke created a telescope, similar to those in the Deernook Fortress on a terrace at the upper floor of the palace.