Volet Volace
Violet Volace
Biographical Information
Name Volet Volace
Age 14
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Title(s) Princess of Fonclanc
Relatives Esvobus Volace (Father)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Fonclanc
Artist Type Fire Artist
Occupation Princess
Rank Royalty
Character Information
Manga Debut Chapter 3

The princess of the Fonclanc Kingdom, Volet Volace.

A tomboyish princess.

She is self-confident with a well-featured face, and beaming red eyes, full of determination.

She looks to be strong willed, her red hair is bound into twin tails, and she wears an expensive, open, crimson dress.

When Volet was an infant, Zeshald used to play with her.

Volet is somewhat used to handling a bow.

  • Sun: Volet not only drags Sun around because they are friends, but because she also helped her ward off the other fiancé candidates that would swarm her, when Hivodir and Yusuke had to leave the palace at the same time.