Water Mirror, an organization under the queen’s direct control.

There base of operations is located in the empty rooms in a section of the main fortress. They are based in the upper levels. While their defenses are not hard to attack, they are also easy to defend. That is to say, they are not hard to attack, but spying on them is meaningless.

History Edit

The former royalists disliked Izapnar’s policies and his view towards the queen so one by one they announced their wishes to become members of Water Mirror and were welcomed into the upper echelons of the organization. Even if they weren’t part of the commanding executives of Paula, they had prior experience of running the country during the former king’s reign. Using their experience and skills from their time on active duty, they had started Water Mirror in no time and turned it into a functioning group. At the same time, as there were a lot of supporters of the queen within the active duty soldiers, many hopeful applications were coming in every day. Although the members of the elite groups, mostly loyal to Izapnar, skeptically viewed Water Mirror, some of them, who were loyal to the former king, saw some meaning in the queen’s faction and showed some interest towards its activity.

By the second day of the harvest festival, members and executives of Water Mirror had expanded to one fourth of the general population and the elites of the Blue Garden.

The organization, endeavored to slowly integrate the system of Cofta, into the activities of Paula.

They started by overturning the plain and simple daily common sense of Paula. In order to confirm whether there was any visible changes, he made use of the Artless activities. In the alleys of Paula, where large gatherings of Artless hung out, most of them converted into the Queen's property and were given bracelets marking them as slaves. Those who are the Queen's property were dressed neatly and proper meals were given to them. They are also not allowed to cause unneeded violence.

In terms of sex, one should not force another without the consent of the other. A compulsory medical examination must be conducted accurately by the use of water arts, and most importantly, Artless should all be treated equally as though they are dealing with a normal person.