Wind artists are also known as members of the forest tribe. They are known for his extreme mobility and ability to transmit information.

Basically, by using wind arts one could use it to feel the wave of divine arts, by spreading the wind around to pick up these kind of presences. Normally, any divine art users would be able to detect or feel this wave. Although it is not as clear as seeing or hearing directly, it is on a level where it can be felt. In order to search for enemies, one has to induce the wind with their own divine arts, and one is able to sense and identify the information from the subtle trembling in the air due to divine arts. But for the search of the same type of wind arts users, if the person was very sensitive to the wave of divine arts, he or she could interfere with the search technique that was being used.

Air can be cleaned using wind arts. This includes the stench of blood. Human presence always remained in places that were previously inhabited. It was especially true for an indoor environment, where traces could be found even after dozens of days have passed since the place became uninhabited.

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Using wind arts skill one can secretly transmit it to a certain target, this skill allow one to amplify a voice wave extensively by using the surrounding area's air.