Blue Garden’s elite unit.

The Wind Troupe’s main forte is assassinations and guerilla tactics, they do not leave traces of their action in the enemy country. Their actions are focused on bringing serious damage over a long period of time, yet these actions are perceived as harassment and provocation.

However, their opponent did not react rashly. There are no actions, leading to their destruction. There are no signs of riots or coup d’état. This led to the voices of doubt, regarding the efficiency of the actions of the wind troupe, being raised in their own country. The calls were not only to lower the budget of the group, but also to change their strategic approach and to cause more direct damage.

15 member of the Wind Troupe were killed at Gear Hawk. Although the wind troupe is still operating, but 1/5 of the attack force had been lost in Gear Hawk Fortress. As Blue Garden has only a few fire art users, their strongest hand were the elites of the wind arts.